HPE-810 Edging System

Powerful Drill

Adaptive Clamp Chuck

Auto/Manual 3D Simulation

Bevel, Mini Bevel, Hybrid Grooving

The HPE-810 brings a further advancement in technology from Huvitz, the HPE-810 offers excellent speed and reliability with all the functions you need to manufacture different frame and lens types.

Faster Processing

HPE-810 supports faster edging by 30% and drilling by 40% compared to the previous model.

Auto / Manual 3D Simulation

The 3D simulation supports easier bevel and groove positioning. The HPE-810 features an auto positioning function that automatically reads the frame and lens curve, and finds the best position of the bevel and groove. It also includes a manual positioning function allowing the user to manually position the bevel and groove.

Customized Mini Bevel

The bevel height is customizable for frames with short groove depth and produces lenses which fit the frame perfectly. (Mini Bevel Height : Min 0.1~Max 0.8mm)

Adaptive Clamp Chuck of Joint Configuration

The adaptive clamp chuck of joint configuration minimizes axis twisting and any potential damaging of the lenses.

Tiltable Drill for High Curve Lenses

The tiltable drill has a range of 0 - 30° and supports excellent hole processing for all kinds of high curve lenses.

Bidirectional Feeling - Processing Time Reduction

Bidirectional feelers reduce lens thickness recognition time by up to 50% with simultaneous feeling of the front and back of the lens.

Powerful Direct Motor Drive

Servo-motor of more than 1 HP guarantees agile working responses and makes HPE-810 even more competitive with faster processing.

Highly Efficient CPU

1GHz CPU supports next job management during current job processing.

Powerful Drill

The HPE-810 reduces processing time by 40% with its high power motor. The high power motor and easy hole editing management makes rimless jobs quick and easy.

Larger Wheels - Processing Time Reduction

Larger wheels reduce processing time by 30% compared to the previous model.

Partial &mph;; Hybrid Grooving

A combination of sectional grooving and bevelling helps when processing a variety of frames.

Chemistrie Clip Editing

Create a bespoke Mainline Chemistrie magnetic clip on with the user friendly interface. Chemistrie allows a prescription frame to be fitted with a sun, reader, computer or 3D clip using a magnetic lens layering system.

Scan &mph; Cut Function

There is now an increasing demand for an edger capable of processing all designs, as glasses designs are changing all the time. The scan and cut function on the HPE-810 supports all designs without any restrictions. Scan your design and fit it in your frame with the HPE-810.

Concave Shape Processing

HPE-810 processes even concave shapes on lenses, within a range of wheel curvature.

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