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Bxa Ophthalmoscope

Bxa Ophthalmoscope


Bxa Ophthalmoscope Inc Charger - Qty 1


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Bxa Ophthalmoscope C Cells - Qty 1

In order to minimize corneal reflex, polarizing filters are inserted both in the illumination and observation axis. Both filters can rotate to have the bright visual field whilst realizing the maximum bright visual field with the minimum corneal reflex.

Bright and long-lasting Halogen bulb.

Corrective powers range from -36D to +35D in 1D step. Diopter indicator is illuminated inside.

The diopter of the corrective lens is indicated directly even when using auxiliary high plus or high minus lenses.

The aperture dial contains a standard aperture, a small aperture for macula observation, slit for the estimation of the level of fundus, a concentric scale and red-free filters for enhancing contrast of blood vessels.

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