Ophthalmic - Neitz - Streak Retinoscope RX 3

Streak Retinoscope RX 3

Streak Retinoscope RX 3


Streak Retinoscope Inc Charger - Qty 1


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Streak Retinoscope C Cells - Qty 1

Bright And Wide Visual Field

The refection-free filter gives a brighter and wider field of vision, resulting in less fatigue even after long-time use.

Easy To Operate

Endless Rotation

The streak revolves 360 degrees without stops(except RX-1). The built-in head rest prevents the operator's spectacles from getting scratched. The presbyopic +2D lens is easily fitted into the aperture in the head. (Standard equipment: +2D presbyopic lens, Optional: +3D and +1D presbyopic lenses.)

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