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Aircraft Aluminium Lap Tooling

Aircraft Aluminium Lap Tooling

Our Laps are designed for performance, manufactured with the best machine tool technology, and made from the finest aircraft aluminium alloy. Because of this, Precision Laps will perform very well in the most demanding situations, such as:

  • Cut-to-polish generating where exact tool curves are required.
  • Automation using robotic picking requiring special adaptation.
  • Special product identification, if transponder holes are required or chip sensor slots are needed.

Tool Sets

We can design your new tool set customized to your usage history. Besides finished sets, we offer fill-ins, heavy usage duplicates ranges, base and cylinder extensions quoted on an order to order basis.

Super Hard Colour Anodizing

Organize your laps! Cut retrieval/re-shelving time by anodizing your laps to colour coordinate with their home rack. Super Hard Anodizing enables faster cleaning of the tools, less wear and resistance to gouging etc.

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