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Hi Index Primer

Hi Index Primer


Hi -Index Primer

Qty 1 x 946ml


Tint Hi-Index Lenses Faster & Darker!!!

  • Special for Hi-Index Lenses
  • Better colour consistency
  • Faster tint absorption
  • Many colours available

Mainline Hi-Index Lens Dye Packets and Hi-Index Lens Primer are specially formulated for Hi-Index lenses. Tint Hi-Index lenses to dark sunglass densities with the aid of Mainline Hi-Index Lens Primer, a lens treatment that significantly enhances and optimizes the dye penetration into Hi-Index lenses, yielding darker densities in a fraction of the normal time to tint a lens.

Preparing the primer
Fill a clean tank with 946ml Mainline Hi-Index Lens Primer. Heat the solution to about 101°C.

Priming the lenses
Immerse the lenses into the "Mainline Hi-Index Lens Primer" solution for 5 to 10 minutes, (5 minutes for medium to dark shade and 10 minutes for dark to very dark shade). Remove the lenses from the Primer solution and immediately dip in clean, cool water (room temperature) for a few seconds.

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